Dressing for an Interview


One of the most important parts of your interview is how you present yourself. Wearing cologne or having scuffed shoes can turn off any interviewer. Don’t let the way you look hold you back from securing that great job opportunity! Here’s an article about how your image represents you, what you should be wearing, and what you shouldn’t be wearing:

How To Dress For Your Next Job Interview

Job Searching Made Easy


We work with Tax, Audit and Accounting professionals within CPA firms in cities across the United States and have 18 years of experience in doing so. Here are just a few of the places we work in: Read more

National, Regional, and Local CPA Firms Looking for Exceptional Audit Seniors!

Did you know that PFS is working with multiple CPA firms who are looking for motivated Audit Seniors? We have positions in multiple areas all over the U.S.! Call us at 661-799-0101 to find out more.

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San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s Top 20 Staffing and Employment Firms List… again!


Premier Financial Search (PFS) is happy to announce that we have made it on the San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s Top 20 Staffing and Employment Firms List… again! PFS is a leading staffing firm based in the Los Angeles Area. We specialize in the placement of Tax, Audit, and Accounting professionals and staff within public accounting, business management, and small to mid-sized entrepreneurial companies in most major cities in the U.S.

PFS continues to grow in revenue and firm size. Additionally, we add new locations that we work in across the U.S. every year. PFS thrives on finding the right candidates for the right firms and we will continue to do so every year.

Whether you are ready to make a move now or a year from now, give us a call at (661) 799-0101 and browse our jobs to find out what excellent opportunities are out there for you.


PR for… Yourself?


Social media has been a resource for firms to determine candidate-worthiness in the past few years. Whether your Facebook profile picture shows you taking shots at a bar or doing admirable charity work, potential employers will judge you when it comes to getting a job… or even an interview. Here’s an article that explains how to do a little PR for yourself to help you get the job you want:

If You’re Applying for a Job, Censor Your Facebook Page

Relocating: LA

Why Los Angeles?

You want a new job, but you’re comfortable. Is it worth moving? Better yet, is it worth moving to Los Angeles? Is LA the best place for you? Sure it is! While Los Angeles is primarily known for the glitz and the glam of Hollywood, let us tell you a few more reasons why you might want to make LA your new home, by honing in on a few of our favorite neighborhoods that host our clients’ CPA firms. Read more

Standing Out From The Crowd


With another big tax deadline coming to a close, accounting firms are once again looking to hire and amp up their teams for the new year.  If you are looking for a new career opportunity, then this article, as well as others on our blog, can be a great tool for you in your search.

When I was younger and my family went skiing, I never had to worry about getting lost on the slopes because my uncle wore this ridiculously bright and outdated ski suit.  It unfortunately consisted of neon blue skin-tight bell bottoms, a matching neon blue beanie and a neon coral puffy ski jacket.  Although he was a couple decades out of place, he ALWAYS stood out. Read more

Smaller Firms – Larger Opportunities

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You’re considered cream of the crop, you’re on the market ready to be given the perfect opportunity; but how do you know you’re making the right choice? Many candidates nowadays do not know or see the potential in certain firms that supply them with offers. Some candidates just see the number of zeros after the dollar sign, but they do not know what each offer has the potential to become—situations like these plague the job market today. Rita Keller, an award-winning and widely respected voice to CPA firm management, observes that “We are facing the hottest job market in decades and high performers are looking for new opportunities.” In other words, top talent are losing out on great prospects because they are not aware of the opportunities that working at a small to mid-sized firm can lead to. “They think a small firm is the 2nd tier firms they might have heard of… firms with 800 or 1,000 people” Rita states, “[We] want graduates to come to smaller firms.” Sometimes smaller firms are off the radar and that’s where firms like Premier Financial Search (PFS) come in. We have been recruiting for seventeen years and cover the local (small, medium and large) and regional firm market. Read more

Don’t forget to say thank you!

Thank you notes: Why are they important?

You’ve done it all. You prepared for the interview. You bought a new blazer. You showed up early with an updated resume and a smile. You aced the interview! You may be inclined to go home, relax, and wait. However, you have forgot the most important step: the thank you note.

The thank you note does a number of things. A thank you note can say: I am still interested in this job. A thank you note could be the difference between you and another candidate. Maybe you had a good interview, but maybe someone else did too. This is your opportunity to stand out. Maybe they’re on the fence about you. They liked your resume, you had a good interview, but they’re still deciding. Help them decide: write them a note. A thank you note can make the firm feel valued. It could make them feel like they’re important, worth thanking. Most importantly, the thank you note is going to remind them that you are still interested. It’s the final piece of the puzzle. You bought the blazer, you showed up early, now write that thank you note. It’s the final act that will say, “Yes, I want this job.” Read more

Salary Expectations…and Disappointments


You have eagerly awaited June all year. You have been a stellar employee. This year, you have not only met your job responsibilities, but you have also exceeded them. You have worked hard and you are certain that your hard work will pay off. That makes sense, doesn’t it? Hard work equals pay off? Your boss approaches you. You’re confident, as you should be. Why wouldn’t you be confident? You have done everything you were supposed to and more. “Congratulations,” your boss tells you, giving you a firm handshake, “we are giving you a raise.” Your face lights up. You’re elated. But, then he says, “You’ll be getting…,” and as he rattles off some numbers, your smile disintegrates. “THAT’S IT?” you feel like yelling, but you don’t. “Again, we really want to congratulate you. Good work,” your boss says, generically, “you deserve this raise.” You think to yourself: deserve what? “You’re barely giving me anything!” you want to yell. Instead, you shake his hand again, and walk back to your office. You’re disappointed, as you should be: you worked hard this year!

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Your expectations are high, for valid reasons, but they’re crushed as soon as your boss approaches to give you his supposed good news. Maybe you wanted a leadership position that you were qualified for, but just didn’t get. Maybe you wanted a raise, but there just wasn’t enough money in the budget. Maybe you wanted just a little more recognition and appreciation. Instead, here you are, feeling completely undervalued. Does the firm not see all of the hard work you’re putting in? Do they not understand the sacrifices you have made in order to put in this hard work? If they’re not respecting you now, might they eventually let you go? Worst of all, are you merely a standard employee…are you replaceable?

You begin to feel helpless. You begin to feel stuck. You will never get the raise you deserve. You will never be paid for overtime. You will never get enough vacation time to go away with your family. In her novel, The Bell Jar, Sylvia Plath wrote, “If you expect nothing from anybody, you’re never disappointed.” Is that the key to your success? Should you lower your expectations in order to be happy? Maybe. If you do not expect that your hard work will pay off, you will not be disappointed when it doesn’t. But, is this really the best way to live? Instead, maybe you should look at this situation differently. Rather than alter your expectations, consider altering your bosses’ actions. Instead of lowering your expectations, let your boss meet them. Be happy not because you expect less, but because you are getting what you deserve. But, what if your boss cannot meet your expectations? While reducing your likelihood for disappointment is in your control and is thus the easier option, is it worth the cost of not getting what you know you deserve?

While many others are in your shoes: disheartened and undervalued, you don’t have to feel this way. Some firms, potentially including your own, do not have the budget to give you what you deserve, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t receive the benefits that you know you have earned. At PFS, we work to match you with a firm that WILL value you in the way that you are entitled to. What’s important to you? Is it that raise? Being paid for overtime? Not working as much overtime? An extra week for vacation? Please, tell us. We want to match you with a firm that will show their appreciation for your hard work.

Review doesn’t need to be a disappointment!

Instead of the conversation mentioned above, imagine this. June is approaching. Your boss tells you to come to his office. While part of you thinks, “here we go again…” remembering the trauma of your previous mismatched expectations and disappointment, the other part of you is still hopeful. Again, you know that you have done a good job. You have, again, both met and exceeded everything your boss has asked you to do. You secretly know that you deserve that higher raise, the vacation time, the pay for all that overtime you have been doing. “Come on in,” your boss tells you, as you look at down at your shoes, fearful of disappointment. “We are so proud of all of the work you have done here. You have exceeded our expectations and we could not value you more. In exchange for all of your hard work, we would like to give you a raise,” your boss says. You clench your teeth in anticipation, but as your boss recounts your bonus offer, your teeth unclench. Are you hearing him correctly? Are you really getting the raise that you deserve? Is someone actually recognizing your hard work and commitment? Are you finally working for someone who appreciates you as his employee? You shake your bosses hand; you are delighted: your expectations have been met.

You may be happy in your job. That’s great. We are genuinely thrilled for you. However, if you’re unhappy, if you have ever questioned your happiness, or even if you are happy now but later find yourself unhappy, talk to us. Let us help you find that happiness, that appreciation, that respect, and that raise. Consider this: is your firm giving you the compensation and respect that you deserve?